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How to Screenshot on Snapchat without Them Knowing? 15 Hacks!

Do you want to keep save other Snapchat story (SS) or snap without sending notification? Then you have to come at right place here we will explore you all possible things about how take to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing with ease.



Snapchat is getting greater popularity because it lets in to keep our secrets due to the fact that its launch. On Snapchat app, your all snaps, recollections or chat may be deleted proper after its beginning. And due to this privacy characteristic, thousands and thousands of customers over the worldwide love this app.


If you're the usage of Snapchat app to your telephone then you definitely aware of the way to keep a tale and snap is to screenshot it. However, you may attempt to take other user’s story and snap on the Snapchat then it notifies them, and about how to open snap without them knowing on Snaphat with ease.


Snapchat doesn’t respectable will let you to take screenshot SS on Snap without them understanding, so it is able to be make big problem if you don’t desire to other human beings to know that you are maintaining to store their pix. Relax! Here we are able to provide tutorial you approximately the way to secretly screenshot on Snapchat conveniently.


How to Screenshot on Snapchat without Them Knowing (iPhone and Android)


In this section, we are able to tell you all feasible stuffs about how you may take screenshot on Snapchat without them understanding quite simply; below referred to all:


Let’s Start!!


Take Screenshot using In-Built Screen Recorder

It is easiest trick to take screenshot on Snapchat via the use of in-constructed display recorder that is offered to your iOS and Android device.


In-built display screen recorder lets you to effortlessly display file and take screenshot on Snapchat without informing to everybody. Here’s how:

  • Firstly you have to need add the display recording characteristic into Contron Center phase:
  • Navigate Settings > Control Center > Scroll down to backside and click on on <+> icon that finding subsequent to Screen Recording.
  • Once completed this manner, open Control Center via swapping down from pinnacle-right fringe of display, after which press on Button. Then Screen recording will start after three second countdown.


Android permits the Screen recoding characteristic Android eleven and later version. If you've got well matched model then you need to locate display recorder within the Quick Settings panel and permit it:

  • Swipe down on screen to open notification panel
  • Once once more swipe to get entry to the
  • Next, perform swipe proper on panel, each time you may now not see the Screen Recoding icon, and then click on it to get commenced.
  • Now you could take screenshot and display screen recording of Snapchat through using this selection.

Capture Screenshot the usage of QuickTime on Mac

If you're using MacBook and iPhone then you don’t need to locate other Snapchat screenshot apps, due to the fact Apple launchesMacbook with enabling QuickTime software that lets you seize screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing on iPhone and update Snapchat on iPhone and Android. Here’s how:

  • Firstly you have to need join your iPhone to MacBook thru USB cable
  • Next, open the on your Mac
  • Further visit File > pick out ‘New Movie Recording’ option, with in few second, it will be load after which hover the mouse over the recoding button.
  • On subsequent display screen, click on small arrow and this will open numerous options for buying recording.
  • Next, select your iPhone as
  • Once completed this procedure, your MacBook should be mirroring the iPhone display.


  • Now ultimately, you need to need click on button and visit Snapchat app to initiate the recording.

Secretly Screenshot on Snapchat the use of Airplane mode

It is likewise fine strategy to keep save different man’s snaps without them knowing by way of turning on Airplane Mode in your (Android or iOS) smartphone. It is most effective technique to seize screenshot of Snapchat Stories and different matters without creating a noise; here’s how:

  • Firstly you have to need launch your Snapchat app in your tool, but make ensure all snaps are loaded.
  • Next, disable mobile information, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and then permit the Airplane mode.
  • Make unsure that your device doesn’t have internet connectivity, now just open Snapchat.
  • Further open Snap you want to capture screenshot of and it's far performed, and after 30 2d or few minute, you could allow your internet connection and no person will know what you probably did carry out undertaking.
  • Now visit Settings in Snapchat and pick out Clear Cache > Clear All. Then Snapchat will restart through.

Take Screenshot the usage of Background App Interface


By the usage of this trick, you could easily take Snapchat screenshot without them knowing; here’s how:


  • Firstly you need to need open Sanpchat app and clean all current apps in the historical past and flip off app locked in Snapchat.
  • Next, open the picture or verbal exchange which you wish to maintain store without informing all and sundry, and then swipe up from bottom of display to tug up Recent App Interface, however make ensure Snapchat is completely regarded into frame.
  • Now you need to threat taken screenshot without them understanding.
  • Next, you may regulate the captures screenshot on your Camera Roll to erase unwanted portions.

Take Screenshot the usage of Third-Party Apps


Several 1/3 component apps also are to be had into Google Play Store for Android person and App Store for iPhone consumer, which help to keep store a Snapchat snap without them understanding. Here we can suggest you two apps like as Sneakaboo (iOS),  SnapSaver (Android), and Private Screenshots (Androis).


Sneakaboo for iOS


  • Go to App Store download and set up it then go browsing along with your Snapchat credential.
  • Then all Snapchat Stories and snaps could be showing on this app and then you could capture their screenshots whilst playing them. And, this app will not inform to other customers approximately your sports.

SnapSaver for Android


  • Go to Google Play Store, down load and set up it for your device.
  • Once established it, launch this app to your Android tool.
  • Next, you have to need choose the alternatives like as Screen Recording, Burst Screenshot, Screenshot, and Integrated and go to Snapchat app.
  • Further, open the favoured snaps or videos or testimonies, which you desire to keep, click on icon in an effort to display on your display screen, and then screenshot could be capture without everybody knowing.

Private Screenshots for Android


It is free of price app this is available into Google Play Store, and it additionally allows to create a GIF of 1 body consistent with second, as well as it doesn’t hold to shop your facts to cloud. Here’s how:

  • Go to Google Play Store, download and installation it for your Android device.
  • Once installed it, you have to pass pinnacle right, earlier than settings menu, and then activate the icon.
  • Whenever you want to seize the screenshot then simply faucet on the icon.

Note: Users should move permit permission every time on every occasion you need to enable floating icon. This app doesn’t applicable on included app like as Netflix, Chrome incognito mode, and more.


Capture Screenshot on Snapchat the usage of Another Smart Phone


This is also any other quality method to take screenshot a snap and Snapchat tale without informing to other users. Just you can use spare phone to capture snap or screenshot of story. Here’s how:

  • Firstly you have to play Snapchat story or snap on your device.
  • Then take another phone and open the digicam to seize picture, use video recorder to capture the video.
  • Once taken screenshot, you could modify the snap or video and subsequently to maintain keep a duplicate of Snapchat Stories and Snaps.

Capture Screenshot using Google Assistant (Android)


Google Assistant additionally lets you allows to take screenshot on Snapchat without sending notification. Google Assistant not able to preserve keep the snap, so it handiest can proportion to other apps, for example percentage the taken screenshot on your on-line force and down load this photo later; here’s how:

  • Open your preferred Snapchat snap on your device.
  • Next, you have to need prompt Google Assistant by or
  • Next, you can say , , and .
  • Now select the app wherein you wish to percentage screenshot on.

Capture Screenshot using Emulator on Windows PC


BlueStacks is a first-class Android emulator for the use of into Windows PC. How to work it:

  • Go to BlueStacks legitimate website and download and install it to your PC.
  • Once installed it, Snapchat app for your Computer.
  • Next, you can open preferred image, story or video which you wish to take screenshot or recording for your system.
  • And it helps you to to hold keep as file without catching any notification to different person approximately your sports.

Take Screenshot the use of Close Snapchat App Instantly


This approach also can work for you, however with following this trick, you ought to be is carefully to take screenshot on Snapchat without informing to other consumer; here’s how:

  • When preferred image is loaded, then get prepared, and see on the top when you have to stay time.
  • Perform screenshot right away and close the app quick.

Note: This way can be volatile, if you get a touch bit overdue to kill the app, then notification might be despatched to other consumer.


Take Screenshot the use of Screen Mirroring


This trick likes as Screen Recording way, due to the fact Screen Mirroring is also in-constructed characteristic that helps to get mirroring your device alongside your TV or Laptop, and then you definitely are capable of take screenshot on Snapchat without catching notification alert to different user. Here’s how:

  • Firstly you have to need to make connection in between your tool and TV or computer with the aid of using HDMI cable or turn on function.
  • Once enabled it, open your snap that you desire to keep shop.
  • Perform swipe down from top of display screen after which click on button to connect together with your TV or computer.
  • Now your cellphone could be imparting then open your desired snap or video.
  • Finally, you may take screenshot of snap or display screen recording and save as multimedia document to your same tool if it is successful to keep report or use other device to capture snap.



Through this newsletter, we were defined all techniques approximately a way to screenshot on Snapchat without them understanding on iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows systems. If this content material is useful for then you definately please share it together with your friends, circle of relatives contributors or family over social media structures like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.


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